16 Nov

Dear Parents & Students, 


We hope to have served you well in 2017. 

A very BIG THANKS to a great year in 2017 and may your child be rejoicing over their successes! 

The registration for 2018 enrolment is opened and priority is given to YOU

If you have not submitted the pre-registration form to us, please contact us so we can help you to secure the slot(s) of your choice. 

Due to the incoming requests to make changes to the schedules, we hope to hear from you by 30 November 2017 so that you could secure your choice or be updated of any changes. Successful allocation of slots will be announced in the period from 01 to 05 December 2017, and our new term begins 11 December 2017.

To make your selection or to enquire (i.e. fees, terms), you could: 

[1]   Call us at 6459 4061

[2]   SMS your choices to 9236 9155 

[3]   WhatsApp to 9005 6807 

[4]   Email to enquiries@genohouse.com

[5]   Complete the online enrolment form from our ‘Admission’ Tab. 

The  2018 Terms and Conditions have been updated and can be found under the ‘Admission’ Tab. 
If needed, you could ask for a hard copy from the front desk when the Centre reopens from 10/12/2017! 

We hope to continue serving you in the new year! 

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday and be blessed with joyous Christmas and New Year! 


Warmest regards, 

Genohouse Customer Care