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    Geno House is the place that I will gladly recommend for parents who are considering the numerous enrichment centres we have in Singapore. Geno House encompass what a centre should first equip with to teach the kids well - Love, Passion and Commitment. My girl started off her 1st year science not being able to grasp the essence of Science well. While she managed to get a decent score in her P4 SA1 this year, we decided that she probably needs some professional guidance to develop and cement the fundamentals well before she embarks on upper primary Science. We reviewed Geno's philosophy and their Science materials and trusted God to entrust our girl to Geno. In the 4 months that follows, we see her progress and witness the teacher's effort. We thank God for the 12 points jump in her most recent SA2 papers to a score of 97.5! I like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Blyss. She is very knowledgeable and has a way with the kids. She makes learning enjoyable without which it makes a subject difficult to master. How we hope to have started in P3 with her. But while 4 months is short, the knowledge and skills imparted is great. We will be continuing with Geno next year. With our sincere appreciation, thank you Ms. Blyss.    

    - Parents of A.Lim 

    CA2: 89.5% | SA2: 97.5% 

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    • Student A.Lim
    • Subjects Science
    • Level Primary