We apologise that the booking system is under construction. 

To book trial classes, please contact our Front Desk at 6459 4061 or SMS 9236 9155. 
Otherwise, you may wish to drop us an email via enquiries@genohouse.com. 

Thank you for the understanding! 

Genohouse Customer Care 

Book Pre-School Class

Ease your child’s journey into the formal schooling years with Geno House Pre-School. We understand that learning during these tender, formative years needs to be done with care. As such, we engaged a team which is not only armed with professional credentials in Early-Childhood Education, but also consisting of caring people sensitive to the multi-faceted needs of this age group. With interest as our tool, we aim to develop their intellectual capabilities and strengthen their cognitive skills in preparation for the years ahead – all the while letting them experience how fun learning can be.

Book Primary Class

Geno House offers primary level English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese programmes aimed specially at revising content within the Ministry of Education (Singapore) syllabus.

Book Secondary Class

Our secondary school curriculum team consists of experienced tutors who are also keenly adapting their materials and methodologies to suit the needs of today’s new syllabuses.

Book Junior College Class

(1) JC Economics
(2) JC Mathematics
(3) JC General Paper
(4) JC Chemistry
(5) JC Biology

Book Special Class

Geno Care Group A scaled-down version of Student Care services, Geno Care welcomes primary schoolers who are looking for supervised study sessions and a conducive study environment after school hours. Consultation for school work are available at the centre during the CARE period from 1.00pm to 5.00pm.