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  • Testimonial

    My Math tuition teacher is an inspirational and helpful teacher who recognised my strengths. He never hesitated to help me with my work even outside of tution and is one who often brings laughter to the class with his humour, causing lessons to be much less dry and boring.

    He goes the extra mile as a tuition teacher to give longer consultation hours whenever he is free, and especially as major exams approaches, he makes the effort to make more time for his students. He helped me cope with my H2 Mathematics with his detailed explanations on topics making them less complicated for me.

    Besides teaching me, he is also someone whom I can turn to when I need advice or opinions on decisions. Without your guidance, I would not be able to attain good grades and come to realise my potential.

  • I am...

    • Student Chong Yu Xiang
    • Subject H2 Mathematics
    • Level Junior College