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Offered by DanielSohEconomics, this programme is catered for serious learners who aim to excel exceedingly in A-level Economics. Taught personally by Mr Daniel Soh, a renowned Economist and an award-winning lecturer, his lessons focus on strategic approaches (competency and mastery) to master Economics theories and applications. His students will be armed with a variety of learning techniques and exposed to common (and 'fatal') misconceptions. Proven by results. Testimonials

Maximum 15 students per class

JC Economics

Helmed by Mr Daniel Soh, a practicing Economist with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Economics, he has also provided world-wide commentaries on global media such CNA, CNBC and BBC. To fulfill his passion in teaching, he accepted invitation to teach in tertiary institutions alongside with his profession, and had won numerous teaching awards over the years.

Ever since, he devotes much time in the field of education and was featured on Straits Times, FM93.8 and Mediacorp Frontline for his achievements in the academic arena. Apart from creating his unique system of teaching, Mr Daniel also develops revolutionary online education platform (eCapsules), that is used locally and internationally at various institutions.  

The H2 Economics programme brings clarity and an unprecedented level of depth to a subject that many struggle with. Daniel’s unparalleled breadth of knowledge and experience allows him to provide a perspective for students that is at once easy to understand and yet rich in material. Supplemented by a robust set of summaries and problem-management flowcharts, students become equipped to seamlessly express their knowledge in compelling and fluent form. Give yourself the advantage to leap ahead of your peers with his valuable teachings and tools.

  • Curriculum developed and delivered by Industry Expert
  • Robust study summaries and problem-management flowcharts

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