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Ease your child's journey into the formal schooling years with Geno House Pre-School. We understand that learning during these tender, formative years needs to be done with care. As such, we engaged a team consisting of caring people sensitive to the multi-faceted needs of this age group. With interest as our tool, we aim to develop their intellectual capabilities and strengthen their cognitive skills in preparation for the years ahead - all the while letting them experience how fun learning can be. Testimonials

 G-KNOW Programmes for Preschoolers [K2]                                         

GKNOW P1 Preparatory 2GKNOW P1 Preparatory 3

The transition to primary school can be difficult for preschoolers. The way classes are conducted in primary school - the pace, topics and assessments differ vastly from preschool. 

G-KNOW programmes for Preschoolers are customized to bridge K2 pupils through their transition to primary school. 

G-KNOW programmes for Preschoolers are available in a myriad of subject such as English, Mathematics and Chinese. Daily Science is embedded as a module in our English curriculum. 

Each subject is a 12-week learning programme which spans from mid-August to end-November. Our materials are well-researched and crafted by members of our curriculum planning team, of which some are mothers whose kids are entering into this phase themselves!

G-KNOW programme focuses on P1 syllabuses and aims to give our pupils a head-start in the new education environment. Not only does this help to alleviate the pressure in a new environment, it helps to bridge the gap in learning so that they will not be overwhelmed when the time comes. 



  • Basic Grammar & Language Use
  • Sensational Vocabulary
  • Comprehension Skill (beginner)
  • Composition Skill (beginner) 


  • Numbers Recognition
  • Number Bonds
  • Ordinal Number
  • Basic Addition & Subtraction 
  • Basic Money & Time


  • Character Recognition
  • Han Yu Pin Yin (Basic) 
  • Comprehension Skill (Basic) 


Enrichment Programmes For Pre-schoolers                                       

  • Preschool Chinese Character Recognition
  • Preschool Chinese Speech & Drama
  • Preschool Han Yu Pin Yin Mastery
  • Preschool Chinese Calligraphy and Literati painting (水墨)

ink painting


Our Little Artists                                                                                         

All artworks were painted with suitably guidance... The Power of Creativity lies in a Child~~~ 


Chinese painting 1

Chinese painting 3

Chinese painting 2

Opps... Our Pre-Primary enrichment courses are not available in 2017...

Please contact us to register your interest and receive latest updates for your choice of courses! 


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