Primary Courses

Genohouse offers primary English, Mathematics and Science programmes aimed at revising content within the Ministry of Education (Singapore) syllabuses.

Our lessons are managed in small groups to give ample attention for each individual and to provide an enjoyable and conducive learning environment for our pupils. Our materials are neatly customized for every batch of students so that they can benefit the most from the sessions. All classes are delivered by qualified and experienced tutors with remarkable track records.

In Genohouse, we create positive learning experiences to ensure that your child is completely engaged for maximum results.

P1 to P3 capped at 8 students per class
P4 to P6 capped at 12 students per class


Genohouse Science Tutelage [GST]

Primary 3 to Primary 6

Enter the World of Science with open-ended science investigations to promote higher-order thinking skills. Beyond standard experimental protocols, we guide our pupils through the Inquiry-Based Learning Cycle and produce effective problem solvers.

Deliver by tutors with rich experiences not only in education, but with real-world working experience in the field of Scientific Research, our students are taught to re-imagine Science Education to suit today’s world. Join us & be fully engaged in Hands-On, Minds-On and Authentic Learning in Science! 

new-science-picHOW Does GST System Work?

Mulitple-Choice Questions (MCQ) test your child on the Science concepts, their ability to link up the ideas within the topics, as well as to interpret the options with precision. 

To assist your child in the understanding of scientific contents, GST maps out each topic in a flowchart, making clear and concise the concepts and their links in a topic. Practical experiences are also incorporated into our curriculums to boost their interest in Science. System of checking is also taught to minimize carelessness in the selection of MCQ options; such as using the elimination method. 


Free Response Questions test the ability of students to identify keywords and phrases and translate into legit answers. Our mapping system lists out concepts in order of priority so that students will never miss the important words that the examiners are looking for. Concise transformative notes and summaries are also provided to ease revision. 

While some students came in with a very vague idea of answering Section B questions, many others struggle to translate their analysis into proper answers, resulting in the loss of marks. To solve these problems, we deliver the contents systematically during the lessons, and use a strategic approach to answer application questions. 


With the right pedagogy in place and guidance from the Science experts, our students are able to master Science concepts effectively, sharpen their ability to identify keywords and key phrases required by the examiners and develop a solid framework for studying Science! Moreover, it reduces our students' revision time, leaving them with more time for practises and bringing them closer to their desirable results!

~ Give a Man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime


Power Science 2 Sample Tutorial Questions  

P3 Science P6 Science
Science Tutorial Science Tutorial

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Genohouse Math Tutelage (GMT)

In collaboration with Reputable Math Specialists

Primary 1 to Primary 6

Our classes use distinctive methodologies and heuristics to approach mathematical problems and reach for the solutions. We emphasize on delivering the challenge of understanding Mathematics concepts into simple bite size so that pupils can apply effectively in unfamiliar contexts.


Some children are faced with the challenge of securing their desirable grades for their Math paper. In such case, many could be overwhelmed with the use of heuristics to solve those challenging section C problems. In order to nurture their interest in Mathematics, Genohouse would drill our students in understanding the topical contents using our system, thereby solving section A and B of a typical Math examination paper with ease. Fundamental solving approach (level 1) will be taught to tackle section C word problems to facilitate their understanding, which will then advance into level 2 Heuristics. In this manner, your child will get to learn and master Mathematics progressively, at a good pace.

Students who advanced at a faster pace in the class will be given additional materials to challenge their minds and sharpen their thinking skills! 

Sample Tutorial Questions 

P5 Math 
Math tutorial

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Genohouse English Tutelage (GET)

In collaboration with Reputable Language Specialists 

English - Primary 1 to Primary 6 

Closely aligned with MOE STELLAR, our English curriculums comprise of designed methodologies that explore language acquisition in an effective way. Our lessons cover Paper 1 (Composition Writing) and Paper 2 (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension...) components that aim to strengthen the fundamentals in the language, tackle examinations and exploring marking schemes to maximise academic grades! 


 Sample Tutorial Questions 

Primary 2 Primary 5
English Tutorial English Tutorial



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