Secondary Courses

Genohouse offers Sciences (General, Physics, Chemistry), Mathematics (Additional, Elementary) and English language at secondary level. Our curriculum planning team consists of experienced tutors and former teachers who understand every needs of our students and are able to skilfully incorporate useful methodologies to meet today's syllabus requirements. Our materials are constantly updated and customised to manage the changing needs of every batch of students so as to prepare every individual to be equipped to handle their assessments. 

Maximum 15 students per class


Weekly Tuition Programmes  (补习课程)


Science (科学)

Scientific knowledge is ever increasing, and the requirements of students will only ever grow. More-so, question setters will be ever increasing the scope and depth of their questions, challenging the limits of their knowledge. With our high qualified curriculum planner, Dr Michelle Chang, students will be stretched as never before. Supplementing their regular syllabus with interesting and recent snippets and sound-bites, science becomes not just a subject, but a learning journey infused with an ever-expanding sense of wonder and enrichment. Not only will they glean useful knowledge, our practice materials will also systematically help to guide their knowledge into effective, elegant solutions for complex problems.

  • Robust curriculum developed by industry expert
  • Experiments with designed protocols
  • Comprehensive topical summaries


Mathematics (数学)

Mathematics in Singapore has come a long way from being manageable simply from rote, repetitive practice of the ten-year series. The environment is now one where Singaporean students top international competitions regularly, and question setters and grade curves have adjusted accordingly. More than ever it is important to gain a leg up in managing an increasingly challenging syllabus, and our meticulously crafted systems and materials will go a long way in achieving that. Prepared over many years of experience and adjusted in line with the new syllabus, these will help guide students through the wide array of question types. Furthermore, they will be exposed to our unique in-house higher-order questions, designed to help students to the boundary of their potential, and push beyond it. Open for mainstream and IP Mathematics

  • Meticulously crafted systems for content delivery
  • Uniquely designed materials to maximise student’s potential
  • Exposure to  a wide array of question types


English Language (英文)

Regular: Building on the recommendations to encompass communicative effectiveness within the framework of linguistic competency, we developed a highly interactive curriculum that delivers engagement and efficacy. This curriculum builds on the passion and dynamism of our tutors, who are not just experts in their fields, but also the focal points of a robust and vivacious classroom environment. As the requirements for the writing component transitions towards expository and argumentative writing, our approach will develop expressive students who present themselves with competence, clarity and concision.

  • Interactive curriculum
  • Experienced and engaging tutors
  •  Vivacious classroom environment



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