• May

    Time: 9 a.m.

    Location: M Hotel, Singapore

    Building a holistic and progressive school that every student and parent loves

    There is considerable investment in educational technology and pedagogical development, to build a progressive and most innovative K12 school. The mission of K12 education remains eternal: to provide quality education for students, and make them better global citizens. The changing learning behaviours of modern students and increasing complexity of parent demands all require the schools to transform to remain relevant.

    School leaders need to be updated with the latest curriculum concepts, innovative teaching technology, rigorous teacher professional development programs, and effective leadership & governance. Under such context, learning the best practices from case studies shared by peer schools is one of the most inspirational and practical learning ways.

    Join educators from across Asia at K12 Education Leaders Asia 2016 to explore the most practical and implementable case studies on integration of pedagogy, teacher’ empowerment & successful leadership models in creating niche culture for the school, and engage every stake holders to build a successful school chapter.

    Key Topics of Exploration

    [1] Cultivating innovative curriculum & pedagogy that inspire holistic students cognitive and personal development. 

    [2] Adapting with the changing landscape of teacher recruitment to develop effective global teachers sourcing strategies.  

    [3] Designing teachers PD programs that empower proactive learning among teachers. 

    [4] Enriching school leadership and governance qualities to build the culture that sustain momentum. 

    [5] Building a progressive schools that teachers and students love. 

    [6] Scaffolding strategies to decide educational projects that work to avoid inefficient investment. 

    Official website: http://www.k12eduleaders.com/