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    My economics tutor is a dedicated mentor who puts in every effort to ensure that his students learn effectively. His lessons are engaging and I have learnt important concepts from the detailed explanations and real-world examples that he provides. He uses precise terminology to explain concepts that way appear challenging at first, but are much more manageable when broken down succintly and systematically by him. He prepares comprehensive mind-maps and reading materials to help students summarise, compartmentalise and link together the various concepts taught and ensures that we know how to apply these concepts when answering questions. The practices that he gives his students range from routine conceptual questions to challenging application questions. By going through these questions, he teaches us crucial skills to analyse and answer them accurately. He looks through and annotates the work that we produce, and offers consultations to explain to us what we had done well and our areas of improvement. Under his guidance, I have seen my Economics grades improve, and I feel more confident when tackling difficult questions. 

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    • Student H.Lim
    • Subject Economics
    • Level Junior College