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Mr. Joseph Khong 
Double Major in Accounting and Finance, University of London

  • Senior Tutor 
  • Mathematics Curriculum Planner (Primary & Secondary)

Mr Joseph is an experienced tutor whom is known for his passionate delivery and strong rapport with students. Despite his numerous years of experience tutoring in centres and privately, he continues to attain accreditation from profession courses such as ACTA to reinforce his delivery skill. He possesses a strong suite of presentation skills which help students not only learn concepts, but fully internalise them. He is also founded his very own e-learning platform for Math learning. 

Together with his set of meticulously crafted materials, students will find navigating Mathematics a breeze.

Other Achievements 

  • Voted Best Tutor (Math) 
  • Track record of students’ improvement over consecutive years 
  • Groomed students from borderline to distinction 
  • Achieved over 80% of A-grade for 2014 O-level Mathematics (Elementary & Additional) 
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