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Mr. Jeffrey Ng

  • Bachelor of Science (Merit), Indiana State University U.S.A 
  • Senior Tutor (Primary and Secondary Mathematics) 

With more than 25 years of teaching experience in Math, Mr Ng had assisted numerous borderline students to excel in their examination. As a full-time tutor, Mr Ng has utilised his remarkable ability to use theories and techniques to help students understand and solve practical problems easily. Apart from the impressive track record, he is well-loved by many of his students whom have followed him through their education journey from primary to secondary… 

Other Achievements 

  • Over 80% of A-grade and distinctions for 2015 PSLE Mathematics 
  • 100% of B-grade and above for 2015 PSLE Mathematics 
  • Extensive record of A-grade for 2015 O-level Mathematics 
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