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GENO HOUSE provides the BEST in the Education Arena

Geno House recognises that the Singapore education system will continue to evolve over time to include new skills. Therefore, we invest much of the time, effort and manpower to produce state-of-the-art curriculum and innovate creative methods to deliver content, in order to keep abreast of the latest changes with the local education system.

Our curriculum is supported by a group of well-trained curriculum planners from schools and specialists from various industries.

All classes are delivered by experienced tutors who have been educating in local schools, international institutions or as private tutor with at least 5 years of relevant teaching experience, coupled with proven track record. Our class size is maintained at a ratio of 1:8 for lower primary, 1:10 for upper primary and 1:12 for secondary and junior college.

With us, we meet your child's learning needs.

Our strengths in a nutshell

  1. State-of-the-art curriculum with robust study materials
  2. Engage in pedagogical approaches in content delivery
  3. Experienced tutor for every class
  4. Industry experts to provide refreshing content
  5. Inspire your child to understand the important of learning

Geno House began as a specialist in Science education. Over the years, Geno House produces over a thousand of students who excelled exceedingly well in their studies. Above and beyond, Geno House nurtures the holistic development of our members and sees positive transformation of every individual.

With the increasing call for a one-stop tutoring service, the founders decided to venture into other subjects, English, Mathematics and Economics. With full understanding that the existing resources aren’t able to maximize the benefits for our members, Geno House provides a platform for external academic specialists to join venture into the education arena and provide only the BEST for our students – a brand new model in today’s world to maximise the effectiveness of tutoring services. All collaborators are selected with careful examination of their abilities and track records and are managed by the Core Team at Geno House.

Quality Education First, Business Second

Geno House take pride in what we do. We constantly upgrade our people to ensure the quality of our teaching and materials. All tutors within each academy have rich experience in group tuition and are trained to promptly identify the challenges of their class, modify the curriculum and maximise the effectiveness.

S.O.A.R.™ Methodology


S.O.A.R.™ (or Simplify, Organise, Analyse and Rationalise™) methodology is a comprehensive learning strategy whereby students are taught to process their thoughts in systematic ways. The objective is to manage information in powerful mind-maps that harness the full range of cortical skills.

The end result – streamlined thought process and enhanced learning ability.

Four-Step Model of Group Learning

Knowledge Acquisition, Competency, Evaluation and Refine are the pillars of the Four-Step Model of Group Learning.

Together with S.O.A.R. methodology, our students can learn with confidence.