29 May

2016 June Holiday Programmes (Primary, Secondary and Junior College) 

PSLE Creative Writing Workshop (June 2016)

Dates: Mondays. 30-May, 6-Jun, 13-Jun and 22-Jun 

Time: 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm 

Taught by our experienced tutor, Ms Chua, with numerous years of experience teaching English Language for PSLE students, this workshop targets specifically on the skill set for Creative Writing. Selected topics on Values, Events, Incident and Accidents are chosen to introduce creative writing techniques (i.e. dialogues, flashback, senses) and produce effective essays.

A review on descriptive embellishments and robust phrases to enhance students’ writing style will also be integrated into the lessons.

Course fee: $320 net .

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3. PSLE Creative Writing Jun 16