23 May

Recruiting for J1 Economics Tutees!

*Every Sunday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm [subjected to change upon demand] 

Mr Daniel Soh is a renowned Economist and a highly sought-after economics lecturers in local and overseas institutions.
Currently a social-entrepreneur as well, Mr Soh has committed himself to educating the future generations with his Revolutionary Learning System.
He has developed his very own learning platform, the eCapsule, to deliver content effectively online, and is well-received globally in countries such as Singapore, London, Dubai, India and many more. He has taught over hundreds of A-levels students over the past 6 years and had attained over 90% of grade-A achievers. 

Geno House is proud to have him as our consultant in the year  2015-2017 and the sole GCE A-Level Economics lecturer. 

JC1 Economics Recruitment


Course fee discounted at $250 (usual $280) if you sign up before July 2016!