16 Dec

Dear Parents and Students, 

Our deepest apology for the inconveniences caused during this period of time. Your understanding (especially towards Michelle and Blyss) is very much appreciated by the team. 

We have 2 announcements regard to the cancellation and replacement of classes as follow: 

[Announcement 1]

Please also be informed that some of the classes conducted by Dr Michelle and Ms Blyss, which fall within the period from 17 December to 22 December 2015, will be cancelled and rescheduled (refer to table 1). Reason is that both of them need some time off to follow up with matters regarding to the dismissal of their late mother. On behalf of them, we apologise again for the disruption of the December classes.  


Table 1: Affected Classes 
Replacement 08dec-22dec.part3

Classes not listed above will continue as usual


[Announcement 2] 

The following table 2 and 3 shows the proposed replacement dates for the affected classes from 08 December to 22 December. 

We have tried our best to reschedule the classes to ensure a smoother transition to the next lesson. However, if you are not able to attend the replacement, do contact us again at 6459 4061. 


Table 2: Replacement for Term 0, Week 2
Replacement 08dec-22dec.part 1.1


Table 3: Replacement for Term 0, Week 3
Replacement 08dec-22dec.part 2.2


Please note that our front-desk has tried to contact all the affected students (via SMS), with priority given to those who have submitted their registration forms to us.

Thank you for your attention.

Have a blessed holiday.